• June News–Story Reprint and New Article


    Sparrow, Kate MacDowell

    I really have to start making my titles catchier, but alas, all creative powers are going into teaching my summer class on the grotesque, and writing articles, reviews, and stories. So first, some great news: my story “Unleashed Beauty,” which was published in an art catalogue in 2009 will be reprinted next summer in Gargoyle Magazine. I love the momentum I’m building with this writing gig–even when I get rejection notices now, they are personalized, with the editors requesting to see more work.

    Also, a new article up at Weird Fiction Review on the stunning sculptures of Kate MacDowell. I’ll have a review of Margo Lanagan’s Tender Morsels over at Fantasy Matters this Friday. And, I will be interviewing a very cool writer for a very cool magazine later in July. I’ll not say more lest I jinx it all.