• Anasazi Ruins with a Speculative Edge: New Story, “Come to the Table”

    This is probably the driest blog post title ever, but I’ve been creating the syllabus for a summer class, so am a wee bit brain dead. There will be a “great NYC adventure post” coming soon, I promise.

    In the meantime, if you like short, speculative stories that include the Anasazi ruins, please go read my latest piece, “Come to the Table” over at Prime Number Magazine. Am really excited to see it finally in print (online).

    Also, if you have missed any of the other stories I’ve published this past year, you can check out the News page on my website.

  • The Play’s the Thing

    Me and Atlanta artist Nikita Gale, after Kianga Ellis’s Art Under the Influence show.

    Ah, me. Am back from NYC and furiously trying to grade. I will be posting a recap of my New York trip in serial format this week, since I failed to do give updates while there. But let’s just say I had the adventure of my life, meeting artists, musicians, playwrights, and poets.

    But first, some fun news: just found out my story, “Come to the Table” was accepted in Prime Number Magazine. And my story Merea was recommended by Lois Tilton in Locus. Scroll to the last entry and you can see a snippet of the story.

    While in New York, I got the chance to see Cynthia von Buhler’s immersive play Speakeasy Dollhouse. If you are in NYC this summer or fall, you really need to go see it.

    Alright. Back to grading–I’m racing against the clock with nothing but coffee, chocolate, and an iron will to finish.

  • “What Strange Death Is This? Monstrum, the Macabre, and Pop Menageries”

    Straight on the heels of the World Fantasy Convention, I hopped on a red-eye flight to Tallahassee to give  my lecture, “What Strange Death Is This? Monstrum, the Macabre, and Pop Menageries” at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts. Despite being deliriously exhausted, it was fabulous to finally see the exhibit and do a gallery walk in conjunction with my lecture.

    I then had l dinner with curator Carrie Ann Baade, Jeff and Ann VanderMeer (the fabulous editor of Weird Tales for a good number of years) , and Selena Chambers. We talked about all realms of the odd, fantastic, slipstream, interstitial, weird, macabre, and grotesque–how they interrelate, how they’re different in terms of rhetorical power and such. It was a great conversation and one that I think will spark some interesting projects ahead.

    And please do order the beautiful catalogue from University of Washington Press, which has the full essay and goes into the work of each artist. You can read the full intro my essay “Revelatory Monsters” over a Weird Fiction Review