Uncanny Carnivals, Jonas Burgert, and the Weight of the World

It is past mid April, a time when fatigue strikes all academics and writers–grades and manuscript deadlines loom ahead like some impossible chasm to cross. We hope we’ll make it, but often at the cost of sleep, healthy eating, and social connections.

Given that, it’s only appropriate for me to introduce you to the stunning work of Jonas Burgert over at Weird Fiction Review. Intoxicating, lurid colors will bring viewers into a strange dreamscape that chronicles the exhilaration and isolation so many of us experience in this post-modern society. Paradoxically, these surreal conglomerations of pseudo-zombies, children, and monsters also create a desire for deeper community, a reconnection to the self and Other. My friend Creston Davis talks more about how to survive this “weight of the world” over at his blog. Go have a read.

Other news: My short story, “The Four Horsemen” will be reprinted in Danse Macabre for their May issue! I originally wrote and published the story with Plus Gallery here in Denver for their “Apocalypse? How!” show in January. I love and am devoted to this beautiful, wondrous intersection of word and image. To that end, I’ll be going back to NYC in early May to attend the Frieze Art Fair. If you are in the city between the 4th and the 16, let’s get coffee!


One thought on “Uncanny Carnivals, Jonas Burgert, and the Weight of the World

  1. Cool link! And congrats on your story! And huzzah for New York! That’s a whole bunch of awesome right there…

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