World Fantasy, Cute and Creepy Show, plus Xi Zhang at the Denver Art Museum!

Wow, there is too much fun stuff happening over the next few weeks, but here’s a breakdown:

First, I got two short stories accepted! “Kinds of Leaving” will be published in Word Riot, and “A Coffin Story” will appear in Up The Staircase Quarterly. Both will be out in November, and I’ll be posting the links here.

Next, this weekend I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention from Thursday-Sunday morning. I’m on the Beautiful Monstrosities panel, at 2 p.m., Saturday, in Pacific 1. Hope to see you there!

Messengers, Martin Wittfooth, 2009

Then, the week after, I’ll be giving a lecture, “What Strange Death Is This? Monstrum, the Macabre, and Pop Menageries” in conjunction with Carrie Ann Baade’s Cute and Creepy exhibition. Carrie’s art has graced the cover of Weird Tales, and her work and/or the exhibition has been featured on Tor, Io9, and beinArt. I am so lucky that I got to write the catalogue essay for this wonderful exhibit and get to take my audience on a gallery walk through. I had the chance to write about Ray Caesar’s work, which you can see over at Fantasy Matters.

Xi Zhang’s talk at the Denver Art Museum happens Wednesday, October 26th, at 7 p.m. You can buy his catalogue Dream Dust at the lecture, or here on Blurb. I wrote the catalogue essay for that as well. Great things are happening for this wonderful artist, and I couldn’t be more happy for him.

If you like the gothic and weird in literature, then go see what I have to say about Henry James and the wonderful Anne Sexton: Uncanny Transformations and the Brothers Grimm and  No Ghosts Such As These: The Uncanny Hauntings of Henry James

Okay, I would say that’s all, but it’s not really. Lots more good stuff coming down the pipeline, so to speak. But this should keep your clickin’ fingers busy.


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