The Month of Extraordinary Things

My essay, “Fantastic Rebirth: Culture Is But a State of Mind,” is now finished. You can read it by ordering Xi Zhang’s Dream Dust catalogue from Plus Gallery, or by buying at at Xi’s Logan Lecture at the Denver Art Museum on October 26th. Hope to see many of you there!






Jenny Morgan, Power Play, 2011

I will also be writing Jenny Morgan’s catalogue article for her upcoming solo show at the Plus Gallery. Morgan’s stunning portraits have been featured in New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine, so I’m really excited about this project.

And the Cute and Creepy Exhibit opens on October 13th. The blog I write for, Fantasy Matters, will be featuring an artist a week from the show. I really admire the artists I wrote about for this catalogue–the freedom and love they stand for, the passion with which they paint and draw, and the dedication to their art. There’s more writing and art news coming up, so stay tuned!

Richard Kirk, Cuckoos Promise, 2011


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