September News

Well, much has been happening, the first being that I have two new essays up over at Fantasy Matters: The first, Stalker Demon Guy (maybe) Meets Clueless (certainly) Meets Joyce Carol Oates (thankfully): The Fantastic in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” and the second, Fantasy Conventions and the Power of Community. Have been running a bit behind on letting people know when new stuff is being published.

An acquaintance of mine, Stephen Graham Jones, also published a great essay, I Was Genre When Genre Wasn’t Cool, that I think everyone should go read.

My art catalogue piece for Xi Zhang’s show is mostly done. Just some more fine tuning, and then off it goes. By the way, Xi’s piece about 9/11 was featured on and he’ll be giving an artist talk at  the Denver Art Museum on October 26th, 7 pm. If you’re in the area, do come!

The blog posts have been somewhat scarce, I know, but look for some steady writing from me late September or early October, as I’ll be previewing different artists from Carrie Ann Baade’s Cute and Creepy Show (including Ray Caesar, whose Descent appears on the left). Would love to see many familiar faces at my lecture and gallery walk. I promise you, it won’t boring.


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